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The wonderful world of Real Estate has become a unique net of sellers and buyers that communicate by Real Estate Links. If you are a person that owns a home or even an agent that doesn't work for a company that has its own website and you are interested in getting ahead of the rest, is the on-line software for you.

Are you an agent or simple home owner?

If so, then this website is honestly the best around for its price. You can upload up to five properties that include your thumbnail photograph, your full-size photograph, bathroom descriptions, bedroom descriptions, size, and amenities. This way you can advertise your property easily by just telling a prospective buyer to go to Register Now!

Do you already have a website?

Websites can be a huge cost and usually require a lot of upkeep. There are domain fees, programmer fees, database maintenance, and other unpredictable costs. ListPropertiesNow allows you to forego all of those costs and saves you time allowing you to do what you really need to do - sell properties. Have a look at other agents in your area....View Agent Directory!